Like anything, a person’s body will experience decay and sooner or later parts of it will break down. For example, when parts of the ears don’t work properly a person may start to experience hearing loss. It is therefore appropriate to dig deeper on the issues of what causes hearing loss in the first place.A person who does not hear or is completely deaf can be described as someone who has hearing loss. Hearing loss by definition though, also covers anyone who starts to have hearing problems. What causes loss of hearing are far too many to mention and some are even unthinkable in that it may have a hand in the disorder.Every three in one thousand babies are born with hearing loss defects. Babies who are born with underdeveloped or even deformed ear parts fall into this category. Depending on the seriousness of the birth defect, doctors may or may not be able to reverse the hearing impairment.

The human body has a programming code called genetics, DNA or what have you and this will affect whether a person has this loss or not. As with other forms of genetic disabilities, the gene that is behind¬†aural plus recensioni can be passed down one generation to the next. this loss can be extensive for some unfortunate people as most genetic hearing impairments are still not curable with medicinal technology today.A person who becomes sick often has his or her hearing affected one way or another. A disease like mumps can severely cause unilateral this loss or even bilateral loss of hearing in a person. Most illnesses temporarily induce hearing impairment while some rare ones can permanently take away a person’s hearing completely.

In connection to diseases, another common cause of hearing loss is due to a person taking medication. Medications can sometimes reversibly affect hearing and at other times cause irreversible damage. Aspirins, macrolide antibiotics and hydrocodone have been studied in the past and are believed to cause mild to serious hearing impairment.Everywhere around us are chemicals in various forms, sizes and shapes and not all chemicals are safe as some can lead to this loss in a person. It is called ototoxic as it can damage a person’s ear parts like the inner ear, cochlea, auditory nerve, hearing hair cells and so forth. Some of the chemicals worth mentioning are pesticides, solvents and so forth.

A person who suffered through some sort of physical trauma can sometimes be inflicted with hearing loss. Playing contact sports like football, hockey and rugby leaves the head area susceptible to injuries that can permanently affect hearing. While the effects are not felt immediately, environmental noise like construction works can lead to hearing impairment too.Hearing loss is caused by the things above, but aside from this, there are tons more that have not been mentioned and maybe even unknown. If you only had one thing to take from this article it is to always take care of your hearing. Protection in order to prevent is the key to solving the hearing loss dilemma.